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Daddy makes a Video!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Well, you all know how important RDI is to me, and Sandy (my husband) feels the same way!  BUT, he has a hard time making the video clips…he has a hard time “framing” an activity.  RDI takes a fair amount of planning every week for both parents.  So, I say all that to say…there is a scarcity of video clips with my husband and Sam.  I make 2 to 3 to his every one.  Jennifer Perry (RDI Consultant Extraordinaire)  asked him to produce a clip for her for the “DO NOTHING” assignment (since has really has “done nothing” on video…hahaha!)

I do not mean to insult my husband, but I do want to point out 2 things.  #1.  RDI is best when both parents participate–the child’s progress is faster with a unified front.  #2.  Consistent weekly participation is hard!  Planning is hard!  Especially if you work and /or have other children with other activities.

I knew Jennifer P. really needed that video, and I also knew that she wasn’t going to get it.  So, I went to the store, bought some yummy steak and other manly things, chopped, and set out 2 sets of ingredients, two knives, spoons and cutting boards, etc and …well, framed the whole activity.  Then, engaged the other children and set out the camera with a charged battery and empty card!  When Sandy came home from work, I just sat back and read a magazine while the boys cooked dinner!  How bad was that?  :-) !!!

The video was great!  Everything went smoothly and Sandy really did a great job of slowing down his pace and letting Sam have several great MPUs (Moments of Productive Uncertainty).  Jennifer P. Was happy and praised Sandy for his wonderful efforts..hahaha!  He does have a hard time of slowing down, though.  You know how it is…life sometimes gets about the end result..getting to the TOP of the mountain in the MOST efficient way.  RDI has shown us that we need to “slow down” our pace and let Sam’s mind catch up and “figure it out” and get some…Dynamic thinking!!!

DYNAMIC THINKING is what it is all about!


Dr. J

Video #2–Do Nothing

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

On this video clip, Sam and I made a shell mobile for his room…he loves shells.  And, shells used to be one of his “areas of interest.”  So, I figured we could just harvest a few from his room and string them up off of a piece of old drift wood I had laying around and Viola…a perfect framed activity fit for video!

This idea worked really well.  Sam loved it and I really only have a few comments on this activity!

#1.  We used a hot glue gun for a part of it, and since we had to “do it together, ” he had to used to glue gun 50% of the time.  I have never really trusted him with the glue gun before, even though he’s 14yo.  The response was amazing…I can only guess that the “danger” of the gun (yes…I am a bit of a FREAK about the hot glue gun, esp when the little ones are around) caused him to really pay attention.  But, on that day I handed it over to him and he was extrememly focused on the gun and did not burn himself OR me!!!  He used GREAT eye contact and facial expressions when we handed the gun back and forth to each other, with no prompting from me!  So that = happiness for me!

#2.  This activity was more spontaneous and free flowing than the other framed activities that we have completed.  We had to “create” a pattern of shells and glass beads, and decide which shells were best suited for the mobile.  We had to figure out how to attach the shells to the string.  …Basically, this was not following a recipe out of a cookbook.  We both shared our ideas of how we could do it, and we used a few of his ideas and a few of mine!

We both really enjoyed the activity and he has a great new mobile hanging in his room!  RDI can be really fun for both of us!  We always enjoy our “time” together!

On the PEER FRONT…he still has no close friends.  He is assimilating better though!  He has started participating some in optional study groups in class.  Let me quote what he said, “I am amazed that I found it enjoyable as well as informative!  I think I will do it again next week!”  (can Spock really be AMAZED?)  His teacher commented that he is doing better including other children’s ideas when working of group projects!!!

Small steps every day!  One day, I want him to be able to make a friend without me or his daddy artificially creating the opportunities and encounters.  This kind of thing worked when he was 4yo up until around 9yo, but it does not work at all in Middle School…middle school is rough on the best of us.

Recovery takes time,but forward movement is STILL forward…

Faithfully Yours,

Dr. J