RDI–”Do Nothing”

Wow!!!  I received our new assignment for this week and it is a hard one!


I am supposed to continue to frame activities–just as before– away from the other kids and general distractions…and Sam and I are supposed to participate together, interactively in this activity AND when he gets distracted or off track…  I am supposed to “DO NOTHING!”

If you recall, in my previous assignment, if Sam got off track, I was to NOT verbally prompt him, but instead, I was to clear my throat or use my facial expressions to bring him back into the activity and to encourage him to coordinate with me.  So, that was pretty hard, but he eventually picked up on the program.  His eye contact really has gotten better!  However, the next step is always waiting for me.  NOW, I must just wait and let him “discover” that he must coordinate with me.  So I have to develop patience!!!  Who knew RDI would be so good for ME?  ..hahaha:-)!

I have already tried the new assignment, and it was a bust…the camera card was out of space and kept beeping and was terribly distracting to Sam …after I had framed the activity and all.  Really, I just wanted to finish the activity and not worry about the camera, BUT Sam is very goal oriented, and did not want to “waste time” doing an activity if we only had to repeat the whole thing for a functioning camera!!!!  It made perfect sense to Spock!  Hahaha!  So, there was NO coordination with me, and there was NO increase in my patience level either!

Do Nothing sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  The problem is…I don’t “DO NOTHING” very well and with Sam, I have always had to “DO MORE.”  So, this is me, trying to “BACK OFF” my spectrum child!

Well, I learned something…I will check the camera card before I frame an activity next time:)

Always in the Trenches,

Dr. Girlfriend!

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