Baby steps…

I know you all must think I have fallen off the face of the earth…and I feel like I have!  Two of my kids had a GI virus (one after the other, of course), then I got the BUG, and then we went on Spring Break, at which time my husband had the GI virus!  Wow, what a rough couple of weeks!  You will be happy to know that my Spectrum child, Sam (who takes loads of probiotics and Curcumin everyday) did NOT get the BUG!  Another added benefit for him:-)!

Needless to say…RDI has been at a standstill, but I fully intend on getting the ball rolling this week.  We are ready for our next assignment!

We do see improvement in Sam’s communication abilities.  We went on spring break with 2 other families in our Supper Club, and we were all surprised by how well Sam interacted with the other kids!  He knows them really well, but usually stays more on the periphery while listening to his favorite i tunes music and humming…his favorite stim (well you know, he likes to do what HE likes to do…haha!).  He really was cooperative and interactive with the other teenagers and hung out with them most of the time.  He did peel off from the group for a few hours every day to read, listen to music and be alone…( to decompress as we say!)  We were happy, because he did the best he has ever done and even our friends commented on his improvement!

So, Recovery is a journey of many thousand steps…sometimes baby steps!  So, NEVER give up!


Dr. Girlfriend

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