Second Try at Guiding

Okay..we made another attempt at the Guide-Apprentice Relationship on Video!

I felt better at this attempt and my feedback was SOOOO GREAT!  You all will be so proud of ME and Sam.  I was praised for being MORE assertive and taking charge, by my nonverbal actions.  Sam was actually stopped charging forward and gazed at my actions and made brief UNPROMPTED eye contact.  He discovered the value of looking at me, and actually followed my lead for a short period.

I am discovering that the KEY to the Guide-Apprentice relationship is really very simple.  Someone MUST be the effective guide and someone MUST be the observant apprentice.  I will admit to not being a strong effective guide.  I have spent years by Sam’s side, watching and trying to prevent a melt down or any unnecessary stress that could trigger bad behaviors.  He has been used to setting the pace and leading all interactions with me.  Now I have been trying to be a stronger, more assertive guide…on and off the camera.

The key points I am working on for the next video clip is…

1.  Slow down the pace of the activity so that Sam will find it necessary to look at me, or read my body language.

2.  Continue to be more assertive by my body language, letting him know I am in charge.

3.  Limit or stop prompting (my usual mainstay).

By doing these things…HE will discover the value of looking at another person…to gather information from and to give information to others.  This will be true communication!  …as opposed to HIM telling me his needs/wants, or ME interrogating him about his day and feelings.  The way we exchange information now is not true communication.

I am looking forward to a better day!

Your Ever Optimist,

Dr. J

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