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My Husband finally submits a Video!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Now…here is the really great news…my husband finally frames an activity and video tapes the activity AND submits the video for review!

First of all, this whole process of framing and video making and uploading video to the RDI server DOES take a long time, especially if you are a perfectionist.  You have to think of an activity that you can do together and that the adult can actually lead.  Then you have to make two “piles” of supplies.  Then, clear the room of other children or otherwise occupy them (TV?  hahaha!)  Then, get your camera or video system on the lowest quality (for uploading).  I videoed a whole segment in high quality and had to break it into sections and upload separately…very time consuming.  Then, perform the activity with ALL the patience in the world–only thinking of communication and not on the product you are creating (even if it is your dinner and flour is flying everywhere!).  Then upload the clip or clips to the RDI server.  It sounds hard…but once you do the whole process, it DOES got easier every time.

So, I know you all are so curious to hear about my husband’s feedback from Jennifer Perry.

You won’t believe it, but he was fabulous!  He really did NOT talk at all.  He was the perfect Mime!  And had nearly TOTAL control of the activity…now, you must remember, Sam has done this twice with me already, so he is beginning to “figure out” that he must…watch me closely!!  Still, I will praise my husband greatly!  At one point, Sam was barreling ahead, and Sandy just stopped and clasped his hands and waited until Sam noticed and looked at him.  Sam then began to follow him again!

The whole thing was amazing.  They made Chicken Rice Soup.  Sandy had Sam de-bone 1/2 a rotisserie chicken and chop celery, carrots, and garlic.  Plus, we all get to eat a fabulous supper (that I did not cook or clean up after!)  Bonus for me!  Sam was really monitoring Sandy at nearly every step!

Tonight, Sam and I are making Mexican for dinner.  I have been planning for 2 days to make sure I have all the things I will need…including the other 2 children occupied with a sitter.    I have to make one more video with the same directives.  This time, I am to review the video first and give feedback on how I thought it went, then, upload to the RDI server.  If all things go well, we are meeting with Jennifer next week to discuss out progress and receive our next assignment!

At some point, I also have to fit in a few activities with my OTHER children…creating a chariot with Ben out of cardboard and a set of Canopic jars with Katie Belle (all due next Tuesday) stuff:-)!

As always, I will keep you informed of our progress and our next assignment!

Good luck with all your activites this week, and know that I’m in the trenches with you!

Ever Yours,

Dr. Jennifer

Second Try at Guiding

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Okay..we made another attempt at the Guide-Apprentice Relationship on Video!

I felt better at this attempt and my feedback was SOOOO GREAT!  You all will be so proud of ME and Sam.  I was praised for being MORE assertive and taking charge, by my nonverbal actions.  Sam was actually stopped charging forward and gazed at my actions and made brief UNPROMPTED eye contact.  He discovered the value of looking at me, and actually followed my lead for a short period.

I am discovering that the KEY to the Guide-Apprentice relationship is really very simple.  Someone MUST be the effective guide and someone MUST be the observant apprentice.  I will admit to not being a strong effective guide.  I have spent years by Sam’s side, watching and trying to prevent a melt down or any unnecessary stress that could trigger bad behaviors.  He has been used to setting the pace and leading all interactions with me.  Now I have been trying to be a stronger, more assertive guide…on and off the camera.

The key points I am working on for the next video clip is…

1.  Slow down the pace of the activity so that Sam will find it necessary to look at me, or read my body language.

2.  Continue to be more assertive by my body language, letting him know I am in charge.

3.  Limit or stop prompting (my usual mainstay).

By doing these things…HE will discover the value of looking at another person…to gather information from and to give information to others.  This will be true communication!  …as opposed to HIM telling me his needs/wants, or ME interrogating him about his day and feelings.  The way we exchange information now is not true communication.

I am looking forward to a better day!

Your Ever Optimist,

Dr. J