RDI Feedback…

OKay!!!  I know you all are interested in the RDI feedback on my first session with Sam in the Kitchen on Video!

First of all, if you don’t know Jennifer Perry, then you are missing out on a lovely and positive person!  She found one really positive interaction between myself and Sam that she praised highly…but it was only for 15 seconds!!!!  But really y’all, for my first time, I thought it was a good start.  :-)

So, for nearly the whole session (over 25 minutes), he was either racing ahead, or “controlling” my arms, or simply doing his own thing.  But for 15 seconds, I cleared my throat, and wrinkled my eyebrows enough to get him to look at me and follow what I was doing.  I was the “guide” and he was the apprentice, and for 15 glorious seconds, he was involved in a “shared” experience with me.  One that I did not verbally prompt!  I’m glad I caught it on video, so I can watch it over and over!

Her evaluation of those 15 seconds was that Sam is discovering the value of looking at me, and that it was his discovery because it was unpromted!  Her advice to me was this…become a more assertive guide in my actions.

I’m glad I have you all to share this with, because people with neurotypical children would not understand what a great 15 seconds this is for me!  I’m setting up for another video session after school today.  I’m basically assigned to do the same thing–anything goes, but make it nonverbal, I’m the guide (be assertive), he’s the apprentice, and I still can not tell him these rules, he is on the road to a discovery…

Yours in quest of recovery,

Dr. Jennifer Duke

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