Remove, Replenish, & Repair = Recovery!

One of my patient’s mom asked me last week about my PLAN for their child and his recovery.  I paused, then answered…”My plan is the same for every child, but each child takes a unique path to get there!”  (“Clever,” I thought!)

We all want RECOVERY!  But, how to get there?

Laura (Dr. Moore) and I have coined the THREE R’s to Recovery.

Remove, Replenish, and Repair= Recovery! How easy does this sound?  Simple, until I explain the system to you.

I will elaborate on REMOVE today!  Replenish and Repair to follow…


Remove means remove all harmful elements from your child.  This is by far the most time consuming and frustrating step.  Environmental toxins are everywhere and you may go through a period of distrust of our own Government and Corporate America…did I say Conspiracy Theory?

Environmental toxins are chemicals and other materials produced by industry and carelessness.  Most of these were not known to be harmful at first.  But these chemicals have saturated our water, food and air.  No one can see or smell most of these toxins, but we feel the results only years later in the form of a chronic disease.

Diet is important and  for your child that may mean the Gluten Free/Casein Free diet or the SCD ( low carb diet) or Low Oxalate Diet or simply a fresh Organic Diet.  No more RED DYE!  I usually outlaw tuna, and all non organic meats ( no antibiotics, hormones or steroids).  I may recommend food allergy testing and then recommend an avoidance or a rotational diet.  I always recommend drinking/eating nothing with artificial color or flavor OR out of an Aluminum can.  I like to store left overs in glass containers only to avoid reheating in plastic (Phthalates).  Please cook in stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or cast iron.  I use a stone muffin pan and cookie sheet ( not aluminum).

Make sure the air is clean and pure in your house.  Avoid fumes around you and your child.  If you are re-painting, investigate different types of paint.  Check out what chemicals are being put out on your lawn.  One of my parents got water test kits and toxin test kits off the internet and found interesting results….some of her plates tested positive for lead.  We wondered where his high lead level was coming from.

Here are some other tips to avoid toxins:

1. AVOID processed foods…processed means chemicals were used

2. SWITCH to natural cleaning products in your home

3. USE natural brands of toiletries

4. REMOVE metal fillings by a qualified bio-medical dentist

5. BOOST your vitamin D level and your Immune system with safe amounts of sun light

6. AVOID using artificial air fresheners, fabric softeners and dryer sheets or other synthetic fragrances

MOSTLY…I recommend no more VACCINES…at least until recovery is complete.  (by then, you parents are much more militant than me and would never dream of risking re-injury of your precious child!!!  HaHa!)  Who knows…maybe we will have better, safer vaccine choices soon!  I believe that we are getting better food choices at the grocery stores now!

Now, I will say that this is a process.  I am still removing or replacing things around the house.  You will go crazy if you try to REMOVE all at once.  First, focus on the food issue, then just make a list of the big offenders and work your way down.  Like, mattresses…I have covered all of them, but I have not found a better choice.  Does anyone have any ideas for an toxin-free mattress?  Oh…organic cotton pajamas!  I buy from Hannah at

Replenish & Repair–to follow!


Dr. GF

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