Out of the Parent Training phase!

Hello everyone!

My husband and I have finally made it out of the Parent Training Phase of RDI, and it feels great!  Now, we can start working on our child!

The parent training has been really tough on me and my husband, because it held a magnifying glass up to our parenting styles (in a very constructive way, of course) in order to better improve our skill set.  We have always thought we were doing a good job with Sam, but NO ONE is born with the skill set to successfully handle a child on the spectrum with out guidance…and these wonderful children do not come with instructions!  I really feel like I understand his actions and reactions better AND how my actions and reactions help or hurt him with his resilience and attaining life skills.

The next phase is for both parents to video tape our interactions with Sam one on one.  I have to video–just the two of us–interacting (cooking or playing a game or any regular activity around the house).  Then, I must upload the video to the RDI- operating systems website myself.  The idea is that I need to be able to do all the steps without my husband’s help, so I do not have to depend on anyone else!!!  Okay, I can do that!

Then, we have our next appointment with our RDI consultant (Jennifer Perry) in January, so that she can further test Sam and fine tune his program by targeting his weak areas.

No one will love your child and fight for your child like you will.  I have heard so many stories of courageous mothers and fathers improving and recovering their spectrum children by NEVER giving up!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year AND Happy Holidays!  Have fun over the next few weeks and relax.  Try not to overstimulate yourself OR your child…Doctor’s Orders!  …hahaha!


Dr. Girlfriend

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