Toxins…Sources and How to Avoid Further Exposure!

Many parents ask me why OR if I think their child is/was exposed to toxins…OR should we test their child for toxic exposure..OR how did this exposure happen?

My answer will not be comprehensive as there are entire books devoted to this subject…but here is a thumbnail with some pointers of how to avoid further exposure and what to do next.

Sources of Exposure

Mercury in seafood, dental amalgams, environmental pollutants, and vaccines.

Tuna is the most commonly consumed fish in America…especially among children.  Tuna fish contains such high levels of mercury now that the federal government recommends only one serving per week, and that no tuna should be consumed by pregnant women.  I would like to add that I LOVE tuna fish…white albacore!  YUM!!!  But I have not bought OR eaten tuna since I began biomedical treatment for my son several years ago.  I would like to add all Autistic spectrum children and ADHD children to the list of tuna NON consumers.

Other seafood to avoid would be swordfish, sea bass, and shark.

Silver Dental Amalgams need to be avoided!

Do not get you or your child’s caries filled with “silver” amalgams.  NEW FLASH…these fillings are not really silver, they a “quick silver…AKA Mercury!”  These amalgams are 50% mercury by weight are are very toxic to put in and continually release small amounts of mercury daily with normal wear, eating and teeth grinding!  There is ongoing controversy about how harmful these amalgams can be.  Please contact me if you are interested in having them removed.  There are 2 dentists in Atlanta who have  proper training and equipment needed for safely removing dental amalgams.  I will design a removal protocol for you as this can temporarily increase you toxic load.  Apparently drilling out these amalgams can vaporize the amalgam and CAN do more harm is precautions are not taken.

Environmental Pollutants

Toxic Exposure occurs every day for all of us.  Protect you kids as much as you can by avoiding the common daily exposures.  This can really add up over a year or a lifetime!  Think about your air…do you live near a coal burning plant?  Any treated lumber on an outdoor deck or play equipment…or treated mulch?  What about the food you grow or buy?  Is it organic or has it been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides?  What about your pots and pans?  Are they aluminum?  Do you let your child drink out of aluminum cans?  Do you microwave your food in plasticware or glass?  Have you tested your water for purity?

Vaccines and Heavy Metals

A comment on vaccines.  I feel that we need some vaccines to protect from Polio and Lock Jaw(Tetnus), and Whooping cough(Pertussis) and Diphtheria and others.  I WISH that all vaccines were GREEN.  Bur for now, I recommend that if your child is on the spectrum OR has ADD/ADHD symptoms, avoid all further vaccines until neurological development is complete.  I have an extremely modified schedule for Neurotypical children either with affected siblings or without affected siblings.  I have different Detox protocols that I use while administering my modified vaccine schedule.

Arsenic in chicken

Kids love chicken nuggets!  I love chicken nuggets!  Inorganic chicken will likely have arsenic in it. Tyson has stopped using arsenic, so if you do not go organic, at least chose Tyson!  Please see this article from the NY Times for more info.  You may want to borrow my tinfoil hat after you read this.  Who in the government gets and approves these great ideas?

Here is another great article…

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