Parent Training for RDI

Wow…Who knew “parent training” would take so long?

Well, I am here to report on our RDI progress, and yes, I am like anyone else…I want instant results instantly!  Too bad, I must get trained first..hahaha!

We have signed up and paid our first installment.  We registered and paid for the OS (operating system) and we have completed our first assignment!  This assignment was informative and very relevant as the title was Quality of Life.  This assignment  was a 30 min video on what were the predictors of a high quality of life followed by a quiz.  The million dollar question was..does IQ OR early speech OR early intervention predict a better quality of life for our Spectrum children?  The answer is NO!!! None of these predict anything about the quality of life for our kids!

The quality of life for all children of the Autistic Spectrum was poor, whether the IQ was 70 or 150 OR the speech was normal in development or late, OR despite early interventions vs. no interventions.  In fact, most research shows that less than 10% of Spectrum Adults have friends, jobs or live independently, even if they managed to graduate from college.  Spectrum kids want the same things out of life that neurotypical kids want…despite that others may think they are happy to be an “island”.

The key was that all children on the Spectrum have Static IQ rather than Dynamic IQ.  Our kids may acquire static knowledge–like facts–but this does not improve their life or future happiness.  Basically, our children have trouble making and keeping friends, finding and keeping jobs, and living independently because they are too inflexible in their approach to life…IE poor problem solving skills.

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced this daily with my child.  He has rigid thinking and when interacting with his siblings, he does not “listen” or take advise or consider their opinions.  I see how this lack of DYNAMIC IQ would make others not want to be his friend or work on a project with him.  I can see how employers would want to hire a problem solver, and not someone who can not be a team player, while making co workers mad.

If RDI can help Sam acquire the skill of Dynamic Thinking,I will be impressed!  I will personally thank Dr. Gutstein.

More later!

Your Dr. Girlfriend,


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