Hello world!

Hello all!  This is my first foray into blogging, so forgive my many blunders!!!

Why am I starting a BLOG?

Good question!  I am a mother with a child on the Autistic spectrum, and like all you mothers out there, this has really changed my life.  I am a board certified family MD who has NOW strayed from a typical  medical practice and into biomedical treatments of autistic spectrum disorders in order help my son reach his full potential!  I have (as my husband so cleverly puts it) “turned to the dark-side.”  Yes, I am out of the closet and claiming myself to be a BIOMEDICAL doctor practising the DAN! protocols.

So, I am just like you…I want my child to reach his full potential.  I want him to be what he would have been if he had not met with his “triggers” of autism and pulled (ever so slightly) into his own world.  For even though he has ONLY been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (or High Functioning Autism), ADHD, and Anxiety disorder, NOS, I truly BURN with a passion to repair his biochemistry and get him off prescription medication.

I have painstakingly learned the biochemisrty of autism from front to back and have networked into the DAN world.

My mission is not leading the march on Washinton.  I also do not want to be a DAN superstar, lecturing and teaching other doctors all the biochemistry.  Laboratory research, as well, is NOT in my future.

My mission is clear to me.  I am your guide, your insiration and your girlfriend.  I will walk with you on your journy through autism and recovery.

My blog will consist of my trials and tribulations as I feel my way through Sam’s recovery.  Julie Buckley is my guide and my son’s DAN! doctor (other than myself!!)  AND, I will start RDI parent training within the week with Jennifer Perry.

Please keep in touch and offer any advise you can give!  I hope to keep my blog uplifting and humorous!

Your girlfriend,


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