About Sam

Sam Duke’s Time line

November 22, 1995–normal birth

March, 2000, age 4 –Referred for Psychologist’s evaluation by preschool teachers for extreme activity, impulsive behavior especially in large groups, speaking out of turn, avoiding eye contact, transition difficulties, and gross and fine motor skill delays.

Found to be with in normal limits.

March 11. 2002, age 6–referred for Psychologist’s evaluation by kindergarten teacher to assist behavior control, especially with self control, over-activity, intense tantrums and inability to coordinate with classmates.

Found to have ADHD, Anxiety, and Gifted Intelligence.

March 2004–referred for Psychologist’s evaluation by 2nd grade teacher for intense tantrums, over activity, and social isolation.

Found to have Aperger’s Symdrome, ADHD, Dysthymia and Anxiety, fine motor dyspraxia and sleep disturbance.

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